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"We're getting the band back together!"

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Welcome to my melting web site!

Everyone AND their mother seems to have a web site nowadays. So since this one is for F-R-E-E, I figured...why not me, too?

I'll be using this site to express myself to the world! There'll be pages with my opinions on sports, current events, and reviews of PC games I've busted out! You'll also see some of my favorite pictures, hear music and find links to lot's of other cool junk. I'll also include a page that has some of my kid's original artwork and other projects...
Hey! I'm trying to hook you up with some of the most intense stuff online, so don't break my balls!!

I update this site frequently...

And make sure you check out the page!

the chefmaster general

"Burn that sh#@!
Burn that sh#@!!"

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So, what's going on?


10/31/2006 - ARMED CITIZENS rocked the house at Barney McNabb's for Halloween!
3/06/2006 - HTTP://MYSPACE.COM/ARMEDCITIZENS is our band's NEW website. Come check us out and hear some tunes!
10/10/2004 - Went surfing for the first time! Watch out for them knarly waves Dude!!
6/28/2001 - HTTP://GHETTOFISHERMAN.TRIPOD.COM is my NEW FISHING SITE!! E-mail me and tell me what you think!
4/21/2001 - Added some new photos to the "Cool Photos" and "I Love My Kid's" pages